VMLS is mentored by OP Jindal Global University (an Institution of Eminence) and Jindal Global Law School under an institutional mentorship agreement.

VMLS is mentored by OP Jindal Global University (an Institution of Eminence) and Jindal Global Law School under an institutional mentorship agreement.

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The Importance of Internships for Law College Students

The Importance of Internships for Law College Students

“Providing internship opportunities changes the whole equation.” – Eduardo J. pardon

Law students in India are provided with the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the professional life of a legal practitioner through legal internships. The Bar Council of India enforces regulations to ensure legal education is of high standards throughout the country. As such, legal internships are a compulsory part of the Five-year LL.B and Three-year LL.B courses. Law interns must comprehend and observe what it requires to be a legal Professional. Being a legal student may be a fascinating experience, where they learn about different specialized attorneys. Apart from the theoretical knowledge they acquire practical experience is also necessary. As a result, doing an internship will be quite advantageous because it will provide in-depth experience to the specific area.

Nowadays there are different types of internships such as virtual, full-time, paid, and unpaid. Getting opportunities for internship in a good firm, Government authorities etc., you need to be the part of top law school in Tamil Nadu. Internship allows a student to ‘audition’ for a career or a sector before obtaining a permanent employment. Some of the best internship opportunities for law students are as follows:


It intends to provide law interns an understanding of the work of solicitors. You will have the chance to interact with people from other states or nations with varying ideas. An internship allows you to connect with peers who are interested in the same things as you are

They have to perform research and report it to their bosses in order to prepare case studies. They must help their senior attorneys manage all of their legal material, which includes case files, evidence records, and legal papers. Law interns must also be present in the courtroom to help attorneys and observe actual court processes.

Legal internships provide students and recent graduates with the opportunity to get work experience, enhance their abilities etc. A legal intern can assist advocates with research, prepare notes, handle case related files, drafting, how to deal with clients etc. They can closely observe trials, hearings, and arguments, and so on. They have to work with the guidance of competent lawyers and with their aid. The internship exposes them to a wide range of people, settings, and jobs.


As part of an internship, you will get an opportunity to see the Judges’ Chamber. This enlightens interns about the judges’ lives and their nature of work. If you have an interest in court services, Internships can help you with this. Interns must help the judges with paperwork, research, case studies, and so on.


The Importance of Internships for Law College Students

As a profession, corporate law is a critical part of law. A corporate law internship helps you to gain a thorough grasp of the corporate concerns that affect everyone in the business world. A corporate legal internship can help you create a strong professional network, which can lead to greater career possibilities in the future. Furthermore, as law students, keeping a decent professional network is just as vital as having solid legal knowledge and comprehension.

During their internship, interns learn a lot about the organisation and its operations. As a result, they become the company’s apparent choice when it comes to good work. Hiring them as full- time workers saves a lot of time and energy that would otherwise be spent on on-the-job training. These internships are the most similar to the actual corporate work culture and so it aids in sharpening a student’s abilities for a corporate career later in life.


Interns of Legal Research Centers should focus more on Legal Research and Article Writing. Both Online & Offline internships are available for this category. A professional in the twenty- first century cannot exist without networking. A legal internship is the ideal way to make solid professional contacts from the comfort of your own home. After discussion, interns will be assigned a topic for this internship.

Intern will begin writing on the given topic. Usually they will br spending 1-2 hours per day and will get ongoing assistance. This helps students to get interest in Legal research and writing.


In India, we have many National and International commissions such as the Women’s Commission, Labour Commissions, Human Rights Commissions, and so on. Working with the commission to organise workshops/consultations, forming expert committees, conducting studies/making recommendations for economic empowerment of women, conducting workshops/seminars for gender awareness, and launching public awareness campaigns against such social evils are among the day-to-day responsibilities of selected interns.


We have National, State, District & Taluk level Legal Service Authority. The Legal Services Authority provides free and competent legal assistance and services through providing legal advice and allocating attorneys to certain categories. It also operates helplines to provide quick and simple access to legal advice and services. Here the interns are trained to provide public awareness materials on Legal Services and Legal Rights under various social welfare legislation, in order to establish a connection between persons from the periphery and legal help to comprehend the issues and challenges that some groups confront as a result of social and economic constraints, to assist the poor in preparing their application for Legal Services, to encourage conflict resolution mechanisms like as pre-litigation conciliation and counseling, Lok Adalats, mediation, and so on, with a specific emphasis on family and marriage problems etc.


To provide a framework to interns by which their educational experience is enhanced through practical work assignments. They will be exposed to the area of Local Governance and Public Administration. It also helps interns to understand the Local Governance Institutions with the objective of deepening their knowledge and understanding of the goals, principles, activities and day-to-day life of these institutions.


Being an intern in an NGO is a way to social service. If someone is interested in social services and wants to do something for society, interning in an NGO will help them understand how NGOs work and what you can do for society as part of an NGO. NGO interns can do both administrative internship and field internship according to their interest.

The Importance of Internships for Law College Students

These are the few areas. One can choose up to their preference and interest. A law internship reflecting on your CV as an added advantage. Most of the employers are interested in such experience on a resume of a fresher. The law internship firms are beneficial and excellent self- confidence boosters if one can be a the part of it. These experiences benefit students’ problem- solving skills. This enhances the intern’s team spirit, enabling them to properly fulfill all their legal intern duties.

The best law schools in Tamil Nadu allow students to do internships in various reputed institutions of their choice. And this will help the students after graduation. They will understand the real-world application of what they learn in law school, gain exposure, apply new skills, and more.

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